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Sports teams for homeschooled athletes in Central Virginia!

Richmond Spirit Warhawks

Player Eligibility

Richmond Spirit Warhawks compete in the VA Homeschool Athletic Assoc. (VHSAA) and the Capital City Athletic Conference (CCAC). Our players must meet the eligibility requirements set by these organizations. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements below.

Capital City Athletic Conference (CCAC)

1.09 Student Eligibility: A student must meet the following regulations.

1. Bona Fide Student Rule

A bona fide student is defined as: a student who is attending full-time and/or pursuing a degree from a member school or organization. A bona fide student has not been granted a GED or diploma by any high school or home education program. Homeschool programs and community groups must have players who are not enrolled in any school and who participate in those programs’ sports for the entire year. Those players must be exclusive to that organization and cannot be affiliated with another. Exceptions to this rule can be voted on at the meeting that takes place before each season.

a. Age Rule

(1) No student who turns 19 prior to August 1 of the current academic year may participate in a varsity sport.

(2) No student who turns 17 prior to August 1 of the current academic year may participate in a JV sport.

(3) No student who turns 15 prior to August 1 of the current academic year may participate in a MS sport.

(4) A copy of a birth certificate is to be filed with the CCAC if requested.

b. Semester Rule

(1) Ten semesters of eligibility shall be allowed for each student beginning the first semester of the freshman year.

(2) A student having completed their eligibility as defined by the school from which they came will not gain extra eligibility at a CCAC school.

c. Transfer Rule

(1) Any student who transfers among CCAC member schools during the school year must be enrolled in the new school for 90 days before they are eligible for conference athletics.

(2) Any student who transfers to one of our conference schools from a non-conference school shall be immediately eligible for athletic participation as long as they are rostered 30 days prior to the tournament.

(3) Any student who transfers to one of our conference programs under the conditions listed below shall not be eligible to participate in athletics for a minimum period of nine (9) weeks from the date of matriculation:

(a) Being dismissed or expelled from previous school

(b) Withdrawing from the previous school to avoid disciplinary action that could lead to dismissal or expulsion.

Virginia Home School Athletic Association (VHSAA)

Athletes must be actively homeschooled in compliance with Virginia law. Evidence of properly filed “Notice of Intent” to homeschool may be requested.

With the advent of students being dual enrolled at a local community college/secondary school, the definition of a home schooled student has evolved slightly. This may happen with older students. In order for a player to be eligible, he must not have graduated from an organization’s program or been recognized as a high school graduate.

Age requirements for each level of play:

Middle School – must be no older than 14 as of August 1 of the current school year

Junior Varsity – must be no older than 16 as of August 1 of the current school year

Varsity – must be no older than 18 as of August 1 of the current school year

Participation on a college team terminates VHSAA eligibility.

Any exception must be appealed to and approved by the Board.

The VHSAA (Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association) is adopting a new set of rules limiting the movement of players from one home school program to another. This is like what we have operated under in the CCAC for years.

The high points are as follows......

  1. Multi-sport athletes are required to play all sports with the same program or organization, unless the athlete competes in a sport not offered by that organization, in which case they're free to play for any organization offering that sport.

  2. There is now a process under which players wishing to change programs must follow, rather than just jumping from one organization to another.

  3. These rules apply to all VHSAA member programs and are similar to the rules already in place in North Carolina, as well as other states.  Additionally, this initiative brings our home school programs more into line with what student athletes experience in the public or private school communities. Those athletes may only play on athletic teams offered by the school they attend. 

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